Honda Life Dunk TR Special JB3


ModelLife Dunk TR Special
Kenteken   ——-
Kilometerstand116.000 km
KleurPearl White


Cilinderinhoud660 CC
Aantal Cilinders3
Vermogen47 kW / 63PK
Gewicht860 kg

– Modulo Bodykit
– Kakimoto Hyper GT Box Rev. Exhaust
– Street Ride Type K2 Coiloverset
– RS*R Adjustable Rear Lower Arm Bar
– Aftermarket Strut Tower Bar
– Aftermarket Alloys
– Aftermarket Airfilter
– Aftermarket Tachometer
– 4 New Yokohama Tires

The Honda Life is an automobile nameplate that was used on various kei car/city cars produced by Honda: Passenger cars, Microvans, and Kei trucks. The first series of the nameplate was built between 1971 and 1974, with the nameplate revived in 1997 and used until 2014.
The Japanese-market Life has rarely been marketed outside Japan.

The Third Generation starts in 1998.
Responding to new legislation, the 1998 model was bigger than its short-lived second generation counterpart, with 3,395 mm (133.7 in) length and 1,475 mm (58.1 in) width.

In December 2000, Turbo charger models were given the trim package name Honda Life Dunk.
Turbo specification derived vehicles “Life Dunk” special edition models “TS Special” · “TR Special” was released.
The former is “TS” is based on privacy glass, rear garnish, CD player with AM / FM tuner, while with the metallic center panel, the specification deals with 1.7 million yen less than the base model, the latter with AM / FM tuner MD / CD tuner, while prices were unchanged spec with leather-wrapped shift knob. Incidentally, the latter being also set the audio less specification.

The Honda Life Dunk and the Honda That’s were listed by Forbes magazine as among the weirdest car names.