Toyota Cresta GX51 Super Lucent


ModelCresta GX51
Kenteken   ——-
Kilometerstand34.000 km


Cilinderinhoud2000 CC
Aantal Cilinders4
Vermogen– kW / – PK
Gewicht– kg

* A rare 7.1 inch differential with a Toyota Genuine Torsen LSD.
* SP Tech vehicle high kit.
* Endless front & rear brakepads.

The Cresta was positioned as a high-level luxury sedan just below the established, traditional luxury sedan.

The vehicle was limited to an engine size at 2000cc as well as dimensions under 4.7 m long, 1.7 m wide, and 2 m high, and allowing another Toyota dealership network to offer a luxury-sports oriented product originally exclusive to Toyota Store and Toyopet Store locations.

The Cresta was introduced with halogen headlights to provide a modern European appearance, and was available with a full range of luxury amenities and conveniences.

The SOHC 2.0 L M-EU straight six engine was used with an automatic transmission only.

Trim levels used names meant to suggest luxury overtones, such as Super Lucent, Super Touring, Super Deluxe, Super Custom, and Custom. Upper level trim levels used two-tone paint schemes to further the Cresta’s elevated status towards a younger demographic.